Week 1: RUNwithJESS Completed

Good Morning F2BaM! Yesterday was “Schedule It Sunday”. The day in which you set aside 15-30 minutes to schedule in this week’s upcoming workouts. While it may not go exactly as planned, having a written plan assures that you will have greater success in accomplishing your workout (any of your) goals. After writing out my plan, here’s … Continue reading

Winter Blues Bootcamp Workout

Good Evening F2BaM! Looking for an in home workout to cure those “stuck indoors” winter blues. Check out this modified version of the bootcamp workout that I do at PIES Fitness Yoga Studio. Though its a modified version, its still guaranteed to give you a good burn while you tighten and tone those hips, glutes, arms, … Continue reading

Give me “2” on “6(th) Day of Fitness Challenge

Give me “2” on “6(th) Day of Fitness Challenge

Good Evening F2BaM! Its Monday, December 30th and day 6 of the “Twelve Days of Fitness” Challenge.  We are half through the challenge and boy, it has been a challenge to ensure that the workouts are getting done. For some reason, when making a public commitment to do something, that “something” becomes more of a challenge to do. … Continue reading

“Dirty 30” on “5(th day of Fitness Challenge)”

Good Evening F2BaM! Its Sunday, December 29th; the last Sunday of the year and day 5 of the “Twelve Days of Fitness” Challenge. Sundays are always busy for me as it is the day that I do all the washing, ironing, cooking (to last at least 2 days), coordinating a local neighborhood run, attending and serving at my church, … Continue reading