From 196 to 153

Having a baby really does alter your schedule. Who knew that it would be more than 1 yr after creating this blog that I would return to make a post.

Well, with better eating (still working on the consistent clean eating) and running (now added spinning), I’ve gone from 196lbs to 153lbs and boy does it feel good. While I’ve always loved my body, I feel really great about it now because with hard work and dedication, I’m headed toward that body that I’ve re-envisioned for myself.

While running is my 1st workout love, I’ve come to really enjoy spinning and body pump class. What’s really interesting is that this new “fitness” size 12 is totally different from the size 12- 5 yrs ago. My “fitness” size 12 is leaner and with more definition.

You know those skinny jeans that were in the back of the closet, lets just say they’re in the front and getting their fair share of wear:).

Now that I’m back, I’ll keep posting and keep you updated. Oh yeah, when I started this running thing 2 yrs ago, I ran a mile in 14+ minutes, now depending on the course, I can do a mile in 9:30-10min and have upped my long run mileage from 2 to 12 miles. Who says that perseverance, goal setting and hard work doesn’t pay off.

While being a mom, a wife and a professional can be hard to juggle at time, I constantly remind myself that working out and being healthy is the best gift that I can offer these 3 areas of my life.

Be well,


Yours in Fitness, Fit2BaMoM


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