“Moms…Making Time to Exercise”

Good Evening,

Yesterday was “Make It Happen Monday” and with that said, lets talk about “time”. The quintessential element of life that we all get the same amount of, don’t have enough of and wish we had more of…or so we think;-).

When it comes to working out, we moms find reasons as to why we couldn’t do it today, and time is generally in the top 3 if not #1.

Well ladies, through my cycle of ups and down in this fitness journey, I found out that time is my ally, not my enemy as it helps keep me accountable. Not only to my workouts, but to time itself.

So as I plan my days and workouts, I’m pledging to be more respectful of time. While I’ll continue to get the same amount within a given day, I’m choosing to use it more wisely.

With that said, don’t feel as if you have to spend 1-2 hours to get a good workout. Instead, start with smaller increments of time, 15-30 minutes. Now you only have to decide when that time will. It may require you to have early mornings, real early or late nights. But remember, you’re so worth it!

All the best,


All the best,



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