End of Year…Body Wind Down

Its the end of the year and I must say that I’ve truly enjoyed my fitness journey.

I set a goal to run a race every month and have kept to the goal leading into the end of year. While I didn’t meet my 1200 mile goal due to busy work and home schedule, I’m still blessed to have a body that moves and runs at a moment’s notice.

While logging miles is where you’ll find me in my happy place, I’ve also made some new moves including: returning to the F1t2BaMom blog, setting up the Mom & Fitness Page so that you can follow me along this journey as well as share your tips and resources with other moms, been blessed with a “run buddy” through the I Run 4 Organization and am in the process of completing the decorations of my new home;-).

So as I end this year, I’m looking forward to setting and accomplishing new goals in 2014 to include: a size 33 inch waist (currently at 38″), becoming a Double Agent of Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, becoming certified as a group fitness instructior through AFAA, becoming a certified run coach through Road Runners Club of America and setting up the Fit2BaMom store (bondibands, dri-fit shirts). So as you can see, I have a full year ahead of me, but I’m ready!

To help me jump start the goal toward my 33″ waist, I will end the year with running AND the Holiday Workout & Nutrition Plans

What is it?

  • 4 weeks worth of all new workouts (WITH VIDEO!)
  • ALL workouts around 30 minutes in length to easily fit that busy holiday schedule
  • ALL workouts using minimal equipment. All workouts can be done with just a set of light to moderate dumbbells, although some workouts do suggest/use equipment like a stability ball or resistance band. These are not required, however, and modifications without the equipment are always given. There are many workouts that are body weight only, as well!
  • No set dates, so purchase the 4 week plan and get started right away on YOUR schedule. As always, the plan is flexible with a calendar of 5 workouts per week. Each weekly schedule has tips on how to best make it fit your needs – even on how to make the workouts even shorter!
  • Private Facebook group access for motivation, support, tips, ideas, and more from yours truly and fellow participants.
  • TWENTY workouts for ONLY $20!!! Including a dynamic warm-up, a full body stretch, strength workouts, cardio workouts, and a bonus “just for fun” workout.
  • Available for purchase November 11 through December 31 – $20.

– See more at: http://www.tinareale.com/best-body-fitness-holiday-plans/#sthash.ZRjTis07.dpuf



2 thoughts on “End of Year…Body Wind Down

  1. Wow what a year you have had!!! Congratulations to you and I look forward to reading more about your journey in 2014. I may not be making my way into the Marathon Maniac Hall of Fame but I am embarking on my first half marathon in April 2014. Pray for rme and thanks for stopping by today’s WOW Link Up.

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