On The 2nd Day of Fitness, My Run Bud Gave To Me…

Today is  Day 2 of the 12 Days of Fitness Blog Challenge. Twelve days, committing to do at least 10 minutes of activity and blogging about it as a way to encourage others to stay committed to their fitness goals and/or to encourage others to jump start theirs as we end one year and prepare to head into the next.

Well today was a cross training day for me: spinning (50 minutes), abs (10 minutes) and lower body weights (10 minutes).


Did you know that spinning (RPM Class) can burn up to 600 calories, burn fat, increase leg strength and muscular endurance AND increase your cardiovascular(heart hearth) fitness (lesmills.com)? In addition, spinning also requires engagement of the core, arms, back and shoulder muscles.  So as you can see, running and spinning have similar demands on the body, but allows for a runner to safely improve in performance without the continuous pounding on the pavement that result in injuries. And one thing a runner hates more than anything is being sidelined by pesky injury. So spinning is definitely a maintain in workout schedule, particularly now that I’m also rehabbing an injured illiotibial band.

In addition to this challenge, I’m also a member of the “I Run 4” Group which encourages those of us who can run (and/or workout) to do so for those who are unable to. And I must say, that I have been blessed with the best run buddy and family a girl could have dreamt of. Not only are their lives a true testimony of God’s faithfulness, but their hearts are truly hearts after His own. Today, I came home to a box full of gifts for both my son and I and all I could do was be humbled. And you must know that on tomorrow, I will carry my “I Run Like A Girl, Try and Keep Up” bag and sport it with PRIDE.


Being a part of the “I Run 4” family, is truly one of my greatest inspirations and motivators for getting up and out for a run, particularly on those days when I really don’t want to. And believe me, with the fall/winter season and change in my daily commutes, there have been plenty of those. But when I think of buddy, I find the energy to those workouts done.

So needless to say,  that with this challenge and my “I Run 4” buddy, success in my fitness journey is definitely within my foreseeable future;-) and I am looking forward to what 2014 has to bring.


What are your motivators for staying committed to your fitness journey/goals? Is that dress you want to fit into, your family or just a commitment to better health. Whatever it is…use it and use it often. As a healthier you is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others;-). Besides…you’re so worth it!

All the best,

Fit2BaMom, La’Shandra


4 thoughts on “On The 2nd Day of Fitness, My Run Bud Gave To Me…

  1. We are so, so, so blessed to have you as our run bud!!! Thank you LaShandra for all the motivation you give us to NOT give up!!!!! One day, Kristen and I will be able to run alongside you for at least a few minutes. So proud of you for empowering others by blogging!

  2. I get the pleasure of working out with you 2/3 times a week.. and I am so glad we made that first spinning class! We Do Rock and so glad I found this challenge on your page! Loved your Blog!

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