“FOUR!!”…Day 4 of the Fitness Challenge That Is…

Good Evening (late evening) F2BaM!

Its Saturday and you’ve guessed it… day 4 of the “Twelve Days of Fitness” Challenge.

As with yesterday, I had every intention on doing a 45 minute treadmill interval workout. Even got dressed and went to the gym. Took the man child to the childcare area and wouldn’t you know, the childcare service closes at 1pm on Saturdays.

imageSo now what?!

You see my plan was to workout, run some errands, go home shower, put the man child down for nap and prepare for my visit from my dad. Instead, we ran errands, returned home, I finished cleaning up the house, put the man child down for his nap and enjoyed a great visit with my dad. Oh, I forgot about the Chick-Fil-A and Japanese food I ate today…I know what you’re thinking, but every now an then, a girl has to treat herself right;-)?

So fast forward to 10:24pm. I’m finally able to get my workout done for day 4 of the challenge. Its not the fat burning cardio I had planned earlier today, but it was still a challenge.




Jillian Michaels’ “Kickbox FastFix”!


An intense 20 minute kickboxing routine that got the heart pumping, heart rising and sweat dripping.


Totally in love with this workout. It incorporated both kickboxing and weights for upper body and Workout #2 involves kickboxing and weights for a lower body workout. Think I’ll do that tomorrow;-).

imageNow that day 4 of the challenge is complete, the best to end the evening is with a shower using my “Breath” body wash, coupled with a post shower moisturizing with my “Breath” body milk. Both were purchased from a local spa and consist of a blend of eucalyptus, lavandin and peppermint. Aaahhh, can’t you imagine how relaxed I am right now;-). But that’s not it…I’m also sipping on one of my favorite teas, Twinings Pure Peppermint Tea.


Good night and enjoy the journey. You are your greatest asset…invest in it.

All the best,

Fit2BaMom, La’Shandra


3 thoughts on ““FOUR!!”…Day 4 of the Fitness Challenge That Is…

  1. Good job, getting that workout in despite the lack of daycare early on, La’Shandra! I had a family gathering with treats today as well (second one this week!) …. fortunately, at my daughter’s, so I didn’t need to clean house etc, but did run some errands, get a last minute gift, plus groceries …. Qigong for me again today (& time for one last round, before bed!)
    LOVE your tea & ‘spa’ shower!

  2. OH don’t you hate when they close childcare early? UGH! I have had that happen to me which required me to literally sprint on the treadmill for all of 20 minutes. Oh well – I guess they don’t want to be there all day watching children either. At least you got it in and that is what is important! Cheers!

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