“Dirty 30” on “5(th day of Fitness Challenge)”

Good Evening F2BaM!

Its Sunday, December 29th; the last Sunday of the year and day 5 of the “Twelve Days of Fitness” Challenge.

Sundays are always busy for me as it is the day that I do all the washing, ironing, cooking (to last at least 2 days), coordinating a local neighborhood run, attending and serving at my church, grocery shopping and a strength training workout. While this is my normal Sunday routine, I was able to save a little time with cooking by trying this new “crockpot Moroccan Chicken” dish that I round on the “Fit Armadillo” blog.


While it took 5 hours to cook, I began to smell the aroma from the spices (cinnamon, turmeric, minced garlic, salt and pepper) began to fill my home within the 1st 30 minutes of cooking the dish. To bad I’m still full from lunch, but the “taste test” I’ve had surely has me excited and looking forward to lunch tomorrow.


The only additional ingredients I added was a tikki masala sauce and some brown sugar (as desired for personal taste). Mmm, mmm, good! While the original recipe suggests having this dish with toasted pita, I’m going to have mine over pearl couscous.


With dinner cooking, clothes washing and baby napping, I was able to squeeze in a “Dirty 30” Workout, courtesy of the “blondponytail.com” web blog. I love this workout because it does not require any gym equipment, just you and your own body weight.

*** Due to family scheduling, the neighborhood run was cancelled for today.


While it may not look like much of a calorie burn, this chick was sweating and breathless!  Try it…I guarantee you will too.


I did 3 rounds of the total circuit, dedicating 30 seconds to each exercise with a 10 second rest in between.

Thanks to my GymBoss Timer, I was able to focus on form and reps without having to worry about time as it cued me when to move and when to rest.

***The GymBoss Timer was purchased from my local running store, but it can be purchased from Amazon.com as well.


So as I wind down for the evening and plan the rest of my workout week, I pray that everyone had a blessed day and wish you continued health, happiness and success as you move toward your health, fitness and wellness goals.

All the best,

Fit2BaMom, La’Shandra


3 thoughts on ““Dirty 30” on “5(th day of Fitness Challenge)”

  1. Congrats on getting all those tasks done! I sign the songs at our church – we always sing ‘I heard the Bells on Christmas Day’ & bring bells to ring for this Sunday following Christmas – I got some compliments on signing AND ringing, tee hee!
    Like that watch – great way to track your routines simply!
    Way to go!

  2. I love Indian Food, Thai food, Asian…I think its the spices but Warm Naan bread is truly my weakness and Butter Chicken!
    Thanks again for recommending the Yoga app. Your Dirty for 30 seems like a must add.. but you also have me hooked on spinning soo…
    Keep up the Great work!

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