Give me “2” on “6(th) Day of Fitness Challenge

Good Evening F2BaM!

Its Monday, December 30th and day 6 of the “Twelve Days of Fitness” Challenge.  We are half through the challenge and boy, it has been a challenge to ensure that the workouts are getting done. For some reason, when making a public commitment to do something, that “something” becomes more of a challenge to do. Or maybe that’s just my issue;-). Nonetheless, I am enjoying getting creative with my workouts as LIFE doesn’t always go according to plan. Because of this challenge, I’ve been able to stay committed to my workouts without counting them out because I was unable to do what it is that I had originally planned to do. And with a commitment of a MINIMUM of 10 minutes of exercise, making my way through the challenge has been both fun and satisfying.

So you may be wondering what’s behind the title of this post, or you may have already guessed correctly. Today was a 2aDay. Yep, 2 cardio workouts in one day. I love days like this. I feel like such a badass at the end of it. And to top it all off, my friend Florine blessed me with a Nathan DomeLite Performance Skull Cap that I absolutely love and can’t wait to wear on one of my morning or evening runs.


While running is fun, it can also be dangerous. So if running in the early morning or late evening, make sure that you are  seen.

Now that we’re past that public service announcement, lets get  with the day’s workouts.

For lunch, I finally got to those treadmill intervals I’ve been trying to on Saturday and Sunday. Because I only have 1 hour for lunch with 5-7 minutes spent changing into my workout clothes and 10 minutes spent showering, redoing make-up and getting back into my work clothes, I have roughly between 30-40 minutes to get a nice calorie burning workout in…today it was exactly 40 minutes.

I love interval training, because it allows you to burn a maximum number of calories in a short amount of time. And when I’m doing intervals, my goal is to burn at least 100 calories for every 10 minutes spent on the treadmill. As you can see I surprised that goal. Boom!



1. 20 minutes(Speed Training)

2% incline; warm-up walk at 3.0mph for 2 minutes; jog/run at 4.5mph for 1 min; jog/run at 5.omph for 1 min; jog/run at 5.5mph for 1min; jog/run at 6.omp for 1 min; jog/run at 6.5mph for min; recover at 3.0mph for 2 minutes and continue as written thereafter.

2. 20 minutes (Strength Training)

5.5% incline; 5.1 mph for 2-3 minutes

Recover at 1% incline; 3.5 mph for 1 minutes


Also,  for comparison purposes, I wore my Polar FT heart rate monitor (HRM) to see how the numbers would match up compared to that  calculated by the treadmill machine.

What I found is that even without putting my hands on the HRM of the treadmill, it matched the HRM as calculated by my Polar throughout the entire duration of the workout, with a calorie count differential of approximately 34 calories. So overall, I say the stats on the treadmill are relatively accurate (provided we are putting in our correct weight;-).


Don’t know if it was the workout or the temperature in the gym, but once I stepped off of that treadmill, I was dripping in LIQUID AWESOMENESS! Did I mention that I love interval training;-)?

Following workout #1, I treated myself to a serving of the “modified” Moroccan Chicken dish that I made and it was just what I needed for a post workout meal: Protein, fiber and low carbs. And this was my 1st time having “lentils”. Usually, when I have lunch between 1-2 pm, I began to feel hungry again roughly 3-4 hours later, but today I didn’t. I wondered why and did a search a lentils and found that it is high in fiber and protein, both of which are recommended in an effort to keep you fuller longer. I am completely sold on lentils now;-).

Despite the great workout I had for lunch, I still needed to get to spinning this evening as Monday’s are generally my 2aDay day. While this is true, I almost passed on spinning as the brief nap I had on the train was enough to have me thinking how much more enjoyable this would be in own bed. And not having my spin partner (Tonya) with me today sure didn’t help matters, but I pressed my way thru and so glad I did.

imageMy spinning instructor knows just how to push this girl when I want to give up. And despite my love/hate relationship for hills, she is a hill and power climbing BEAST on that bike and I love it! Particularly since I’m rehabbing my left leg (ITBS). Pulling those hills, is forcing the muscles in my hips and glutes to work harder thus strengthening them and getting back in running shape.  Spinning also forces me to use a full range motion at the hip that markedly decreased once I became injured. So needless to day, spinning will continue to be a mainstay in my fitness routine.


*my instructor approved the posting of this pic on my blog.

Despite arriving late, I did manage to get in a good calorie burn. Although I didn’t meet my 100 calories per 10 minutes goal, I still take them.


Now I’m home, showered and winding down. Had my customary evening glass of m0scato and now its time to go to bed that I may awake to “workout” another day.


Can’t believe that there is only one more day and 2013 will be over. As I reflect on the fitness goals that I’ve accomplished this year, I will set my sights on even higher heights in 2014.

I pray that you had a blessed day and wish you continued health, happiness and success as you move toward your health, fitness and wellness goals. Remember, you are your greatest assest…invest in it…because you’re so worth it!

All the best,

Fit2BaMom, La’Shandra


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