Happy New Year!: Nice To Meet You 2014 REDUX


Its Wednesday, January 1, 2014.

HAPPY NEW YEARS…and welcome to the 8th day of the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge hosted by Catherine Basu of the Fit Armadillo LLC. Checkout her website and blog here:


Today is the FIRST DAY of the NEW YEAR  and I’M EXCITED!

Getting ready to face the unknown, but so glad to be doing it alongside each of you. Though I’ve made on resolutions, I have decided to dedicate myself more to the things that I greatly value in my life:

1. Faith/Spirituality

2. Family

3. Health/Wellness

4. Wealth

5. Friendships/Relationships

6. Career/Job

7. Integrity

8. Life

9. Community

10. YOU, F2BaMom

As we’re  just about to end the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge ;-(, I’ve started Day 1 of another challenge today, “The Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push Goal Challenge”, hence the 10 values listed above (http://www.30daypush.com/).


Many of you may know Chalene from the Beach Body Party Jam Workout DVD and now she’s presenting her followers with a new challenge to help us to become better organized that we may achieve our goals sooner. While as a mother and a wife I do pretty good at multitasking, sometimes the tasks of the day can become overwhelming, leaving me with a feeling of defeat. So while I do a lot of things well, my goal is to do them  better and I’m looking forward to keeping you abreast of my progress over the next 29 days.

What have you committed to doing better this year or what goals have you set?

In addition to the above, a few of my fitness and running goals include:

1. Running a sub 2 hour half-marathon ( Mercedes, Diva’s Myrtle Beach and Divas DC)

2. Running a 4 hour Marathon (Marine Corps: The Peoples Marathon); training begins March 2014

3. Run and cross the finish line of the Army Ten Miler (He’s a 30 yr Veteran, retired Colonel and he asked to run the race with me;-)

4. Lose 6 inches from my waist (Currently at 37 inches)

5. Lose 17 pounds

6. Ready the Bible in a year (bonus and most beneficial goal)

There’s something about setting goals publicly to help keep you accountable. Plus, I’m counting on you to help me get there.

As I end today’s blog, I leave you with a summary of my day:

1.Day 1 of “Reading the Bible in a Year”: Genesis 1-3

2. Playtime with my boo bear

3. Apple, OJ, Granola  Bar

4. Boot Camp Workout at PIES Studio.

image imagea

What a great calorie burn and sweat dripping workout. My arms and shoulders are STILL burning. If you live in the DMV.  I urge you to checkout PIES Yoga Studio. In addition to a Boot Camp Workout, there’s yoga, belly dancing, kickboxing and Zumba. Something for everyone (www.piesfitnessyoga.com).


5. 1.4 Mile Run


6. Trip to The Vitamin Shoppe.

7. Sandwich from Firehouse Subs/McDonalds Small Fries/3 Chocolate Chip Cookies. I know what you’re thinking, but this is an off day and my treat meal. I assure you, no carbs after 8pm.

8. Battle of Year Movie

9.  Typing this blog

10. And….the night is still young…who knows;-)

So what do you say? Ready to take on 2014 with me?

Alone, we’re good…but together we’re a force to be reckon with.

Be blessed, enjoy the family, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Fit2BaMom, La’Shandra


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!: Nice To Meet You 2014 REDUX

  1. I’m excited for 2014 too and to watch you work on your running goals! I got my start in fitness as a runner. I used to HATE gym class, but my dad was a runner and I always wanted to hang out with him. When he’d go on runs with his friends, we couldn’t play anymore and so it began! Looks like you had an amazing Day 1 of 2014 🙂

  2. I have set some goals for 2014 that I plan to make good on! They include get closer to God, spend more quality time with family and decrease my body fat from 33% to 20%. Yeah…it is ON folks. Of course there are sub-goals underneath those larger ones which are actually tactical ways I plan to achieve them. Life is good and I am looking forward to 2014.

  3. Thank you all for stopping by. Frugal Exerciser, I’ve seen that challenge and think its great. If I didn’t already have 2 savings plans in place, I would have added that to my goal list as well.

  4. Shine Bright like a Diamond….Honestly my friend since meeting you, I have enjoyed my workouts so much more, I push myself and ibfinish, they say you need people in your life to keep you inspired and you do just that..thanks!!

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