Seven (7): The Number of Completion and Day of the “12 Days of Fitness Challenge)

Its Wednesday, December 31st, NEW YEARS EVE and the 7th day of the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge hosted by Catherine Basu of the Fit Armadillo LLC. Checkout her website and blog here:

Have you made any new year’s resolution regarding your health & fitness for 2014?
If so, what are they?

I’ve resolved to have a full body massage at least once per month. There’s only so much this body can take before it begins to feel beat up and broke down. And with marathon training scheduled to begin in March 2014, there will be plenty of soreness and lactic acid build-up that will require the service of a good masseuse;-).

But before we head into 2014, I COMPLETED 2013’s fitness journey with a nice 17 minute heart pumping cardio session that included a kettlebell workout and kickboxing.


Please don’t be let the calorie burn be an indicator of the challenge of the workout. I assure you my legs and arms were on fire after only 5 minutes into those kettlebell swings.


I then followed up the cardio session with a 10 minute ab workout that I call the 7/31 ab fix (7th day of challenge/31st day of December).

7 exercises done with 31 reps or 31 seconds. One round will have you sweating, but if you’re feeling good, go for round 2 or maybe even 3.

The 7/31 Ab Workout

1. Russian Twists(must do right AND left twist to equal 1 rep)
2. Leg Raises
3. Plank 31 sec
4. Side plank 31 sec each sides
5. Butterfly sit ups
6. Jack plank with knee tucks
7. Mountain climbers (right knee + left knee = 1 rep)

Aaahh yeah! Feel the burn!

So as you reflect over this past year, my prayer is that you’ve accomplished ALL of your fitness goals. If not (like me), keep in mind that you’ve still made great strides since starting this journey and those accomplishment deserve to be celebrated as well.

As I type my blog posting for 2013…I give you all a “Round of Applause” for a job well done. Whether this is day 1 or day 100…you are still worthy of being celebrated.

Be blessed and have a wonderful New Years Eve!

Fit2BaMom, La’Shandra


4 thoughts on “Seven (7): The Number of Completion and Day of the “12 Days of Fitness Challenge)

  1. I absolutely swear by Jillian Michaels! Her program Body Revolution is what catapulted m into a fi lifestyle and I lost 20 lbs using that program and following the south beach diet. I have always wanted to try the kickboxing dvd, how do you like it?

    • Hi Christy!

      I love the Kickboxing DVD and I love her workouts! Sometimes you just don’t want an hour or so workout, but do want to feel like you’ve done something and that’s what Jillian Michael’s DVDs does for me.

      The kickboxing DVD consist of 3 workouts: upper body, lower body and core. The Lower Body workout gives a greater burn than the upper body and I haven’t done the core workout, but plan on doing that tomorrow. I’ll have to checkout the Body Revolution DVD. Thx for sharing.

    • HI Catherine!

      Thx for the kind words and well wishes. This will be my 1st Marathon, but I’ve been running for 2.5 years now and have done several 5ks, 10k, 10 Milers and Half Marathons. In addition to the Marathon, I’m also doing a duathlon on Mother’s Day.

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