Day 9 and Day 2 of the New Me!

Thursday, January 2, 2014.

Day 9 of the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge hosted by Catherine Basu of the Fit Armadillo LLC.


Today is also Day 2 of the “The Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push Goal Challenge”, hence the 10 values listed above (


Using Chalene’s Johnson PUSH Challenge and my own personal goals, I began the day with a 10 minute study and reading of God’s Word. One of my goals for 2014 is to read the entire Bible bore the year’s end. Today’s reading was Genensis 4-7. Though I’ve read these passages many times over, there was a certain peace and calm (and a new revelation)that overcame me this morning. It was like my spirit was quicken and I was super charged for the day. Spending time in God’s Word was truly worth the early rise (4:45am).

Here’s the reading plan that I’ll be using for the year:

New year…New Adventures Right?

While having a “GREEN” smoothie is generally what I’ll have for breakfast during the week, lately, of all things, I’ve been forgetting to pick-up kale/spinach when I go grocery shopping and that’s with me listing them on the grocery list…lol. Its been a hectic holiday season. So it just so happened that during my trip to the Vitamin Shoppe on yesterday I came across this protein powder mix from BioChem called “Greens and Whey” Vanilla Protein Powder Mix and had one of the best tasting smoothies I’ve had in awhile. The smoothie that I made consisted of the following:

1 scoop “Greens and Whey” Vanilla Protein Powder Mix

1/2 c orange juice

1/2 c Silk Almond Milk Unsweentened

1/2 c Non-fat Greek Yogurt

1 c sliced strawberries

1/2 of a sliced apple

2 tbs of chia seeds



I would have included a banana, but didn’t realize there wasn’t any until I started making the smoothie and it grocery store was closed. Needleass to say, the smoothie turned out GREAT! I felt fuller with this protein powder mix than I’ve felt with other mixes (Sun Warrier, GNC Brand, Designers Whey). Could it have been the chia seeds (turn gelationous, thus increasing in volume) or the fiber of the apple (1st time using a red apple in my smoothie) or the ORGANIC “green” nutruients found in the mix. All I know is that this brand of protein powder mix is now on the “must have” list. And while a serving is 2 scoops (20 g of Protein), I used one.  There’s even a “vegan” protein powder mix.  There, something for everyone.

Feeling fuller longer and ready for my workout, I decided to some “Treadmill Interval Training”  during lunch. Oh the benefits of work…an onsite fully functional gym with a heated pool for $10 per month.

Here I am feeling good more than half through my workout and the treadmill reboots itself…losing all of my stats. Thankfully, I had my HRM on right? Lets just say, I was so excited about doing the workout that I forgot to “start” it and I was well within the 1st 10 minutes of my intervals….uugghh. Needless to say, the numbers reflected below are not that actual distances/calories burned. Rather than being bummed about, I focused on my performance. And this girl’s form was ON!



You may recall me mentioning that I was rehabbing an ITBS on my left leg. Well I switched back to my Newton Motions and lets just say, the “old” me coming back. No irritation of the knee after stepping off of the treadmill and that is something I haven’t felt in over a month. Boy am I excited about that…gives me new hope for upcoming race in my home city of Birmingham, AL…the Mercedes Benz Marathon and Half Marathon in February. Checkout the bling!


Feeling good and still feeling full (post workout meal), I’m going to end here. Getting ready for my evening ab workout with Jillian Michaels. Fiftneen minutes of hardcore ab work, followed by some hot, calming pure peppermint tea.

In the infamous words of Ice Cube, “Today (is)was a good day”.

All the best,

Fit2BaMom, La’Shandra


9 thoughts on “Day 9 and Day 2 of the New Me!

  1. La’Shandra-Glad your ITBS is feeling better! Foam rolling is great too-I got one real cheap at Marshall’s 🙂 I used the elliptical model of your treadmill when first rehabing my ITBS and it would do the same thing! It’s good you were able to keep going despite the frustrating technology glitches. AND your smoothie sounds delicious!!!! I may have to try it out myself.

    • Hey Catherine,
      Thx for the feedback. I have a foam roller and use it often. And Marshalls is my go to store for workout equipment. That and TJ Maxx. While foam rolling helps, stretching is the major ally in this prevention game, so now I stretch as often and anywhere that I can. I can stretch/yoga for hour and not even think about it especially if I’m watching a good show on TV;-).

  2. First off thank you for sharing that link for the bible readings. One of my goals this year is to read the entire bible and begin memorizing verses. On of my favorite pastors said, when you are going through trials, God will use the scriptures you have memorized to help you in the midst of those trials, so if you don’t know any, he can’t use them to help you. (Kerry Shook Ministries) That really resonated with me, and from that moment I have really been wanting to start doing that, so thank for the motivation!

    I really want to try that smoothie powder now!! 🙂

    Do you work out at LifeTime Fitness? If so. Which one? I workout at the Willowbrook location.

    • Christy, I think you’ll like the protein powder. I’m definitely sold.
      In addition to using those that you memorized, He’ll sometimes lead you to those that you haven’t by way of conversation with someone, a fb posting, an announcement on the radio…God’s Word and timing is perfect and can happen at any time.
      Christy, my outside gym membership is with Gold’s Gym, but I’m in Virginia;-(.
      Praying that God’s Word penetrates your heart as you continue to grow in Him. Its a wonderful thing to be call His own.

  3. Great reading that. Our job has a gym for $10 a month which is a great concept. Now if they only let us stop working long enough to actually USE IT! It is typically empty unfortunately. Can you share the interval program you use/used? I also wake up a few minutes earlier to spend time with God and read his word. I am reading “How to Maximize Your Life” daily devotional series for 30 days. On day 8. They shared a good word today.

    • Lol Diatta! Tell them to let you all break! I work at the VA and there is a big push for Employee Wellness. After having my baby, I stopped seeing walk-in patients at noon time and took that time for me! Best decision I could have ever made.

      The Interval Training Program that I use is as follow:

      2% Incline (no less than 1%)
      Start at 3.5mph (or speed of brisk walking) for 3-5 minutes
      4.5mph for 1 minute
      5.0mph for 1 minute
      5.5mph for 1 minute
      6.0mph for 1 minute
      6.5 mph for 1 minute

      Recover at 3.5mph for 1 minute and repeat at 4.5mph.
      Do as many intervals as you can in the time allotted.

      I can do 6.5mph for 2 rounds, but 6.0mph gives me enough of a challenge at 2% incline that I can do the intervals w/o adjusting incline or recovery period for up to an hour.

    • Yes! You gotta find that silver lining with your job and that is one of them. So no excuses.
      I have tried KT Tape that helps, but when I’m rehabbing I limit my mileage to no more than 4 miles per session.
      I do use it when I’m healed to help stabilize the knee for longer distance running though.

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