Up for the Challenge: Days 10 and 3

Its Friday, January 3, 2014.

Day 10 of the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge hosted by Catherine Basu of the Fit Armadillo LLC (http://fitarmadillo.com/).

Day 3 of the Chalene Johnson PUSH Goal Challenge (write down goals that I want to accomplish before the year’s end)

Day 3 of “Bible In A Year” Reading ( Genesis 8-11).

While I’m excited about each of these challenges, waking up to a blanket of snow sure made me a little lazy this morning. And while I summoned the help of one of my run buddies, I was kind of relieved that she was unable to make the workout this evening (she’s going to kill me if she reads this;-). While I was initially excited to do another day of intervals, by 7pm my body was thinking of the bed. Instead of caving in to my desire to turn in, I came home and did one of my yoga DVDs. I’m so that glad I did because I was able to stretch out some muscles that were tight from this week’s workouts, as well as allow myself to go into complete relaxation before showering, completing an assignment and typing this blog. So much so that I actually dozed off during the final relaxation pose of the yoga routine.

Following my yoga practice, I did a 10 minute ab/ plyo routine that included 1 round, 35 reps of the following exercises:

Leg raises

Russian twists

Mountain climbers

Plank jacks w/ knee tucks

Planks w/ side to side jumps

Jump squats

Needless to say,  10 days of exercise is gradually catching up to me, but I can hang on for 2 more days.

Day 11 I’m considering a 4.5 mile run with my Moms Run This Town group and kickboxing at PIES Yoga studio OR kickboxing and boot camp at PIES Yoga Studio. Either way, this girl plans on doing a 2aDAy tomorrow and burn some major calories;-).

Day 12 will be Yoga, again at PIES Yoga Studio. There’s just something calming about doing yoga in an ambient lit room with soft music and other yoga practitioners. Yes, I consider myself a yoga practitioner;-). I may not be as flexible as others, but my practice is my practice and  my progress is my progress.

I pray that you were able to get in your workout and that you’ve found a way to unwind from this week’s demands.

Remember, you are your greatest asset. Invest in it!

All the best,

Fit2BaMom, La’Shandra


4 thoughts on “Up for the Challenge: Days 10 and 3

  1. Great job, L’Shandra!
    I feel pretty lazy re: fitness today, recovering here as well! I’ve been busy getting materials ready and finding a larger space for my Reiki class Sunday.

  2. Hey Christy! I’m in Virginia. Yes, it was absolutely beautiful, but then I had to go to work. It definitely was a day I would have preferred to be wrapped on my couch in my throw blanket, drinking peppermint tea and watching TV. Thx for the encouragement, its been a challenge to hang in there with this many days in a row, but I’ve definitely enjoyed it.

  3. You are really on a role with these challenges 🙂 I’m from CT and now in TX…my hubby says he misses the snow and making a fire and not being able to drive and I have to remind him that 90% of the time you STILL have to go to work and help your wife clear out her car when it snows hehe grass is always greener!…..but I wouldn’t mind seeing some snow here or there.

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