Winter Blues Bootcamp Workout

Good Evening F2BaM!

Looking for an in home workout to cure those “stuck indoors” winter blues. Check out this modified version of the bootcamp workout that I do at PIES Fitness Yoga Studio. Though its a modified version, its still guaranteed to give you a good burn while you tighten and tone those hips, glutes, arms, shoulders and core.


Want to know how many calories you’re burning during this workout? Checkout out this deal on the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)from I absolutely love my Polar FT4 HRM, helps to ensure that don’t slack during my workouts by keeping abreast of whether or not I’m in or out of fat burning zone. Very user friendly and worth the investment.


I also treated myself by signing up for a RUNNERS BOX Subscription. It is a bi-monthly subscription in which I’ll receive different run related products including gear, accessories, energy bars, etc. And all for $20 each shipment. There’s even a gluten free box. Check it out at

Today is day 3 of the MILESwithJESS Challenge.

imageWeekly mileage goal: 20 miles. Today’s mileage goal: 5 miles. Weekly total thus far: 12.08 miles.


Today is also day 8 of the Chalene Johnson PUSH Goal Challenge and I’m enjoying adding to and checking off tasks on my PUSH Goal To Do List as I move closer accomplishing my goal.

Have you set any goals for yourself? How’s it going? Would love to hear from you.

Keep up the great work and remember you are your greatest asset…invest in it!

All the best,

Fit2BaMom, La’Shandra


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